Tampa Bay Business and 
Professional Women

Greetings From Our President

Dear Members and Prospective Members,

I ask that you join me in 2015-2016 to ignite women's empowerment within throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Business and Professional Women is an organization that stands on its own not only because of its market focus but because of its political and legislative objectives.

 Our objective is to elevate the standards for, to promote the interests of, extend opportunities for and to bring about a spirit of cooperation among Business and Professional Women.

We are at a pivotal moment; we have a strong core membership base filled with relationships that have been developed and nourished over the decades. These relationships are what built the organization to what it is today. These relationships are what make Tampa Bay a great organization with a solid foundation. With such a strong core we now have opportunity to grow and develop a rising generation. The knowledge and support within this group is invaluable.

Our mission in Tampa Bay for 2015 – 2016 is to maintain our current membership base while expanding and developing the next generation of BPW champions. We will do this by having a strong focus on programming programming and ? and relationship building. We are expanding social events, refreshing our marketing strategy and refocusing our monthly luncheon. I am excited to create such an environment for our members. to enhance their personal knowledge, enhance current relationships and to forge new ones.

With the expected growth of the local organization the focus of the board will need to be on organization infrastructure. This year we will be working on best practices, processes and procedures. The leadership roles are respected positions. They  and should be documented in a manner that is easily focused, continued and transitioned. We will engage member’s involvement by building committees focused around these keystone objectives. These committees are an opportunity to have your voice heard and to continue to build on individual relationships within the group.

I am honored to join you this year as your 2015-2016 president of BPW Tampa Bay. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside such a prominent, knowledgeable, and kind group of women. Thank you all for your support! Here is to a phenomenal year!

Sav Effer

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